Grow OKRA !

My okras seeds came from Alan Tan’s amazing edibles garden, and their journey began on December 27 2015. 🙂

These were amazing seeds, they germinated in 4 days!


December 31 2016 – Okras seeds germination (Sowed on 27-12-2015)

I am sure the seeds are good because Alan took much care preparing them for sharing among the gardening communities.

Okra plants from seeds

Red and Green okra seeds prepared by Alan Tan

Red okra from seeds

Jan 3 2016 – 7 days old okra seedling

He recommended transplanting them to bigger pot when 6 leaves are present, but as usual I was running out of space at home and my okras were moved to outdoor gardens much earlier!

Red okra from seed

Jan 14 2016 – Red Okra, I will later regret not transplanting to a much bigger pot!

Green okra from seed

Jan 13 2016 – Green okras in a 30L pot (Plastic rim to support young seedling, was removed when stems were stronger)

Green okra from seed

May 30 2016 – Green Okra progress

This green okra’s journey has not been easy. Grasshoppers almost killed this plant by feasting on its leaves at 2 months old. The growing journey is slow down but it did not died, and today its still fruiting. Thus I considered okra to be an easy plant to grow even for beginners, as it is a hardy plant. Once problems arose and treated as they happened, this plant will recover on its own. For the grasshoppers problem, I used Pak Mat’s homemade pesticide recipe to spray on the leaves and plant.

Grow okra from seeds

May 30 2016 – Green okra from seeds! Better in wider deeper pot 🙂

Red Okra from seed

Feb 10 2016 – Red okra, only 2 months old!!

Red Okra from seeds

Okra Flowers

Red Okra from seeds

March 2016 – red okra

Red Okra from seeds

May 24 2016 – Red Okra became a “tree” !!!

The taller the plant grew, the thinner the okras.

Red Okra from seeds

Size of the red okra 🙂

NEW DISCOVERY – I accidentally cut the top stem of an okra plant and learned something new about this easy going plant! 🙂

Okra information

June 29 2016 – Accidentally cut the topmost stem while harvesting okra

Okra information

Topping off method seem to work for okra too


July 17 2016 – New okras at lower-most stem after topping off method applied.


Size of okras harvested from topped off plant.

Topping off okra plant

By cutting off the top of the okra plant, its fruits will grow at the lower most stem!


The plant did not die or grow taller, but new leaves and fruit start developing at the lower most of the stem, making for easier harvest! However I found that the fruiting had slowed, instead of 2 – 3 fruits at one go, it now fruit one at a time.

I am sure many gardening enthusiasts in various gardening communities seen Alan Tan’s bountiful okras harvest postings. He made it seem so easy to grow them!


January 02 2016 – Okras from Alan Tan’s garden, a simple gift that touched our hearts, because we knew the care he took to grow them 🙂

Lessons learned from my first okra experience – Bigger pot is needed for healthier okra plants. The roots are quite massive and they need a lot of room in the pots. 🙂  If the pot is too small (like mine), the okra plant will grow very tall and easy to topple when there were strong gusty winds. The okras were also skinny, not as juicy.

Otherwise these are relatively easy edibles to grow even for beginners. 🙂





8 thoughts on “Grow OKRA !

  1. Hi~ I am Anna,have just started gardening in a small HDB. your blog has been a source of inspiration and tips for taking care of my garden. So far I have mint,pandan and lemon grass. Fingers crossed… I tend to have brown fingers. I am thinking of growing Okra next…. can I just get the seeds from the raw okras I buy from supermarket?

  2. Hi! I’m trying to grow some Okras from my hdb. May I know the process of germinating the seeds? I’m a little clueless but would like to try out! 🙂

    • Okra is easy, just be mindful it can grow really tall so the pot should be a relatively big one (else it may topple when there is strong wind), 8 inches across minimum and just as deep. Any edibles soil is okay.

      • Thank you. Will I need to pre-soak the seeds in water for about 24 hours or something like that before putting them into the soil? I read that some people do that but not sure if it’s necessary?

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