Gardening is no longer about just growing plants! Its a combination of great D.I.Y ideas like this and plant knowledge which will allow gardeners to grow plants that’s typically out of zone.

And that’s why I love Wanqing Lee’s ice box idea for a tropical strawberry planter! For material cost of less than SGD $10, she crafted an amazing strawberries’ chill grow bed which yielded flowers in less than 2 months for her plants!

Tropical strawberry planter ideas

Wanqing Lee’s 1.5 month old strawberry plant has flowered!

She did not even used electricity to keep her plants chilled all day under full overhead sun on her balcony.

DIY strawberries pot

How Wanqing Lee cool strawberries’ roots, simple wicking used.

By now, we know strawberries need sunlight, compost and chill roots to thrive. So Wanqing used a simple wicking system to draw chilled water and keep her roots cool all the time. 

Lushgro Bloom solution is wicked only when the plants need the extra boost or when roots has already extended out of her cups towards the solution. She chose this method of soil and hydroponics to give the plants more roots space while still remaining in cups to save space.

Her water is kept chilled with ice block from Daiso –

strawberry planter ideas

ICE Block from DAISO

This frozen ice block is enough to keep roots and water chilled for 6 hours under direct full sun with the help of an additional safeguard ! 🙂

Tropical strawberry planter's ideas

Insulation Pad over ice box cover! Keeping roots cool is key to keeping strawberry plants healthy in the tropics!

Based on her results, it seem that seedling growth is faster as well by keeping them on a chiller (wick water for seeds) –

Tropical strawberry planter's ideas

Germinating seeds on a chilling ice box

Tropical strawberry planter ideas

These seedlings are sowed at the same time but the ones sowed on chiller conditions grow faster!

To maintain the chill factor, please note that insulation pads also covered her soil when the seedlings are taller.

I believed this chill box idea can be used on all cool loving plants which loved sun. For lavender which preferred a drier soil, no wick should be used but the chill box will maintain cooler roots under our hot tropical sun. 🙂



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