Homemade Pesticide

While most of us fret over insects invasion on our chilli, tomatoes or capsicum plants, Pak Mat believes that  “Prevention is the best cure!”

Pests free Chilli plants

Jan 24 2016 – Pak Mat’s extremely healthy chilli

Making organic pesticide

Jan 24 2016 – Pak Mat spray his plants with his home made pesticide once a week

Benefits of home made pesticide for plants

Pak Mat’s organic pesticide is safe for one month seedlings too

Home made organic pesticide for healthier and pests free Chilli plants

Jan11 2016 – Pak Mat’s chilli plants in cocopeat medium

Pests free tomatoes plants

Just look at how healthy Pak Mat’s tomato plants are!

Home to make organic pesticide

Pak Mat’s tomato plants!


Pak Mat made his own organic insects repellent which he sprayed on his plants once a week.

This is his recipe :

1. Garlic (ratio : 3 Garlic to 1 of the rest)
2. Blue ginger
3. Ginger
4. Onion
5. Hot chillie padi (pepper) – About 10 pieces, soak in hot water first
6. Neem (Margosa) Oil (1 teaspoon)
7. Dish washing liquid (1 teaspoon)

How to make and store plants pesticide and repellent

Center pic – measured , stored and froze pesticide portion to be used in sprays later, took less space than bottles

Home made organic plants repellent

Likely this is the only pesticide ingredients that are edible too!!! 🙂


  1. Into blender, items 1 – 5 (sliced portion, add bit by bit into blender)
  2. Add water to aid the blending
  3. Pour thick mixture on a siever to collect liquid in an empty container
  4. Add Neem oil and liquid detergent
  5. Stirred well and allow the liquid to sit overnight before using on plants
How to make organic insects repellent and pesticide for plants

Pak Mat’s home made organic pesticide – may need to add water if its too thick to spray.

He advise caution for gardeners who like to try his remedy. The dosage is 5ml to a liter of water, adjust as necessary.

The liquid (in spray bottle, already mixed with water) will ferment over a few days if its not finished.

A thin layer of jelly substance appeared on the surface. This will not reduce its effectiveness, and its still safe for plants.

“The best way to see whether the above works well is to try on some leaves first. If everything is fine .. then only you spray on the rest of the plants.

Best time to spray is early morning or late evening. ”

He wanted to share what has work for him.

His plants have remained pests free so far. < Touch Wood!> 🙂

Home made organic pesticide for very healthy and safe edibles garden

Jan 10 2016 – Pak Mat’s chilli

Last but not least, Pak Mat wanted to add a disclaimer, please try this at one’s own risk! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Homemade Pesticide

  1. Thks Vic.

    Dosage is 5ml to a litre of fresh water.

    If you couldn’t finish a litre at one spraying, just make 2.5ml to 500 ml of fresh water.

    Pls take note that fermentation do take place if you keep it for several nights and the solution may form a layer of jelly like coat on the surface.

  2. The detergent (dish washing liquid) must be Organic detergent right? I used normal detergent and it did not work well. Using organic detergent works. Great article. Thanks

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