Personal 1:1 or maximum 6 participants per session.

Every Saturday or Weekdays from 10 am.

Please email to book a session (chose your own date and time) ! Fees and venue’s address will be advised via email.

Our workshops can also be conducted at venue ( number of participants, date, time) of participant’s choice. Please Note – Two way transportation cost is applicable.

SG Strawberries workshops

Participant’s Venue

Strawberries Workshop is minimum 3 hours, soil based beginner class with systematic guidance on how to grow strawberries from seeds.


Unique curriculum includes Flip Test (Setting Seedling), Balance Equation, Crossing Over Technique, full cycle information (challenges and solutions), and how to handle stressed strawberry plants in our climate. Include hands on work with heirloom seedlings, how to grow healthy plants and soil mixtures formula. Free seedling + seeds to start own strawberry garden after session.

How to grow strawberries from seeds

Strawberries Workshop (soil based) 

SG Strawberries Workshops

Learned with a buddy

Growing strawberries in Singapore

Personal One on one session

Growing strawberries in Singapore

Maximum 6 participants

Salads & Herbs gardening (hydro + soil  COMBO) and how-to (PET bottles container gardening, vertical hanging gardens) workshop. Everything you need to know & do for cool seasoned vegetables from seeds (and cutting) in our natural environment. Last but not least, in hydroponic, how to grow better tasting salads using bridging method rather than depending on AB nutrients alone.

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Growing Vegetables Workshops


SG Strawberries Veggies n Herbs Workshops

How to Start From SEEDS

Grow mint from cutting in Singapore


SG Strawberries Workshops


School workshops – Its a joy to reach out to young minds and explore learning outside textbooks! Our curriculum is customized for different age groups.

Strawberries from seeds classes

Community Based sharing – will begin in 2018. SG Strawberries team and fellow gardening coaches will collaborate on joint curriculum.

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