How To Germinate Strawberry Seeds

3 EASY steps to germinate strawberry seeds in Singapore :

I) Bright morning sun room in normal SG temperature (NO air-conditioning)

How to germinate strawberry seeds in Singapore

May 2015 – Bright morning sun area is best

Cool breeze ventilated the germinating trays which were recycled from fruit packaging.

Germinating Strawberry seeds in Singapore

Feb 21 2017 – Strawberry seeds need light and warmth.

2) Don’t bury the seeds! Seeds sowed on soil surface as shown:

How to germinate strawberry seeds in the tropics

Strawberry seeds need light to germinate

How to germinate strawberry seeds in the tropics

Successful strawberry seeds germination

3. Water from bottom up rather than top down.

How to water strawberry seeds during germination

Water is push up the soil

How to water strawberry seeds during germination

Fresh strawberries seedlings in cups to save space.


Once the seeds are buried in soil, it may not germinate or germinate at a slower pace (more than 10 days).

Watering from the bottom lets the soil takes only the amount of water it needs and the excess water is drained away through the holes we cut at the bottom.

If you have time for only top down watering, just make sure that the seeds are not dragged into the soil. 🙂

I have germinated different varieties of strawberries with these 3 easy steps, and they work the best.

Other observations on Strawberry Seeds Germination in Singapore:

  1. Types of pots used –  Cylinder shaped versus flat surface seeds germination “pots”.
Germinating strawberries seeds in Singapore

Cylinder shaped pot had varied results with strawberry seeds germination

Cylinder or cone shaped pot yield different results. For example, white strawberry varieties did not germinate in this pot but red strawberries did.

Flat surface container germination work for all strawberry seeds I tried.

I can only reasoned that its the uneven absorption of water as the cause. The moisture need to be relatively even for the soil, and thus, a flat surface container work best for germination.

Self watering without mosquitoes risks

This paper towels below my flat “pot” retained  water from the soil and prevent mosquitoes from breeding in my “pots” !

2. Temperature of soil

Some seeds instructions recommended a certain range of temperature to germinate seeds.

For example, most white strawberry varieties instructed 16C – 21C  be maintained for successful germination.

Self watering pot for seeds germination

Ice and water in reservoir to keep soil chill, aquarium sponge is used to wick chilled water to soil

But it did not work for me.

I had a lot of difficulties germinating Heirloom Pineapple strawberry seeds with the chilled soil in my self watering pot above. Finally I gave up and returned to my 3 easy steps method, and the seeds germinated …finally!

Sometimes what work for gardeners abroad may not work for us! We just have to try our own way and don’t give up ! 🙂

3. Germinating From Fresh strawberries seeds 🙂

Harvesting ripe seeds from strawberries

Summer and Shona were harvesting mature seeds from ripe strawberries 🙂

Well, the experts’ consensus are in, this is not a good idea! 🙂

Supermarkets’ strawberries are hybrids and they do not produce true to the parent plants because of their genetic make-up. In laymen terms, this mean “no fruits” !!! 🙁 Correction  (data from 2017)  –  Gardeners have managed to harvest from fresh Korean strawberries’ seedlings, harvest day from seeds was about 1 year. The seedlings were frail, about 90% will not grow till maturity.

Our experience from USA strawberries had been all seedlings did not survive more than three months.

In spite of this, the method on how to extract the best seeds is still valid and we successfully grew second generation strawberries from our own Heirloom Pineapple Strawberries plants in September 2016.

Extracting seeds from supermarkets’ strawberries is fun and this can still be a good project to engage kids to gardening. Kids have fun when they see, feel and make their own decision on which seeds to harvest, plant them and then, anticipated the seedlings. 🙂

Strawberries from seeds

Strawberry seeds just germinated – Very cute!

Our fresh seeds germinate the fastest, sometimes overnight to the second day to see something sprouting! 🙂


For better germination rate , FREEZE bought strawberry seeds overnight first, before sowing 🙂

How to germinate Strawberry seeds

Freezing strawberry seeds

I prefer directly on moist soil rather than tissues or cotton because its easier to transplant them later . Place some seeds in bowl and ziplocked in bag to freeze. This prevent seeds from spilling accidentally in the freezer and moisture from seeping in.

My recommendation is to try with some seeds at the first try instead of the whole pack! 🙂 That way, if they did not germinate the first round, at least there are seeds left to try again.

Regarding freezing, I have froze seeds in various time frames before I sowed (trials : 1 month, 2 month, 3 months, overnight, 2 nights and NO Freezing) .

Those seeds that were frozen, germination time is 5 -6 days, regardless of how long they have been frozen. Thus , I think overnight freezing in ziplock or airtight pack is enough in Singapore conditions. 5 – 6 days is still faster than most seeds packaging predictive gauge of 2 – 4 weeks.

If the seeds are not frozen, germination time can be more than 10 days or they don’t germinate.

Left over seeds or new seeds should be ziplocked in bags and kept in fridge or freezer as well. Being chilled, they last longer and would be ready for sowing the next time you felt like growing fresh strawberries at home again! 🙂

Please leave a comment if you find this content useful 🙂

WORKSHOPS with systematic guidance to grow from seeds in 3 hours!


New 2018 RED Alpine seeds were tested, and showed excellent germination of over 90% within 8 days.

Grow Strawberries From Seeds

2018 Red Alpine, France


Grow strawberries from seeds in Singapore

2 weeks old strawberries

Transplanting Tips at this link.

Bulk delivery to schools 🙂 – Encouraging discoveries for young keen minds !

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Strawberry Seedlings


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  1. thank you for this information, I’m from the Philippines and would like to try growing strawberries for our own consumption as we are too far away from Baguion where strawberries here are grown.

    I will let you know what happen in trying your method of germinating seeds.

  2. Hello there! Very informative indeed!
    I have been trying to germinate strawberry seeds right heee in sg but to no avail. Previously tried chilling them in the fridge for 3 weeks or not chilling at all, all have failed.
    Guess i will take your cue to freeze the seeds overnight and pray for the best!
    PS: too many seeds have went to heaven haha

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  6. Amazing workshop! Enjoyed it very much, especially the transplanting steps and insights on how to grow strawberries. Will recommend to my friends. Money well worth it. Thank you for the seedlings, they are doing well.

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