How to Transplant Strawberry Plant

More than half of my 30 strawberry plants died from transplanting woes than from Singapore tropical weather.

This is an experience earned the hardest way! And the reason why this blog is set up, to share our knowledge.

Very young seedlings’ individual fabric pots – Save Space 2 !

Summer and Shona showed how to moveย 2 weeks old seedling to bigger pot ๐Ÿ™‚


Transplant individual mature seedlings to breathable pots, set of 5 !ย 


Young Seedlings ( 1 – 3 months old) – ย Mind the roots !

Moisten the soil to loosen roots before separating plants. In a tightly packed container, some of the roots may have tangled together. Use water to gently separate them.

How to move 3 months strawberry seedlings

Untangled Plants

Young strawberry seedling have long tapered roots.

How to transplant young strawberry plants

Close up on roots

This is the same process if pests (such as mealy bugs, ants etc) invaded soil. We need to clean old soil from roots zone before transplanting to pots with new soil. Wash roots zone with water. If infestation is bad, we may have to soak roots in Epsom salt solution before transplanting and threw out old soil. Do not use such soil for composting.

How to transplant young strawberry plant

Cleaning roots

How to transplant ย 4th months and older strawberry plants ย – Mind the CROWN!!!!

Matured plants including flowering and fruiting plants.

The crown’s healthy color is red. It usually developed around the third month, from a single part to multiple. This is where flowering start, so we have to be mindful of not causing stress to the crown during the transplanting process.

Grow strawberries from seeds in Singapore

2018 June 11 – Hydro Plant

Do not tug or pull the crown when removing mature strawberry plants from pot.

Transplanting strawberry plants

Soil based crown

To remove the plant from the older pot, its okay to cut some of the roots if they are stuck to the pot. But do not jarred the crown. This is the CPU of the matured strawberry plants!

How to transplant mature strawberry plants

When roots get stuck to pots, I do cut some of their roots to release strawberry plants , instead of pulling the crown!

How to remove remove strawberry plants from plastic bottles ? ๐Ÿ™‚

How to transplant mature strawberry plants

For plants in vertical plastic bottle: cut plastic away from the crown area to release the plants!

How to transplant mature strawberry plants

Cut away plastic to release the crown. Do NOT tag or pull the crown to release from bottle!

Transplanting strawberry plants

Release bottle from plants first then loosen the soil before moving the plants. Some of the roots may be stuck to the sides of the pot

Transplanting strawberry plants

Loosen the soil first around the plant. I like to clean the debris from old pot before replanting, but thats up to the individual gardener rather than a “must do” ! ๐Ÿ™‚

If the roots are stuck to the container or are too tangled up with other plant’s roots, its okay to cut it loose.

What do Transplant Stressed (Shocked) strawberry plants looked like? ๐Ÿ™‚

No matter how careful we were with the roots and crown, sometimes the plants will still be stressed during the transplant process. They looked like this in their new pot :

How to transplant strawberry plants

July 2015 – Strawberry plants in transplant shock state ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t be discouraged! Give it sun and water as normal , wait patiently. There is no need to add fertilizer.

Transplanting mature strawberry plants

Transplanted strawberry plants can recover! It may takes 2 – 8 weeks to see it well again.

Stressed strawberry plants can recover

Mid August 2015 – The plant slowly recovered.

TIPS on transplanting strawberry plants ย – Best to move plants to permanent pot by third month when the crown is not developed yet.

Summary :

Young seedlings – Mind the roots when transplanting. Loosen roots before repotting in new pot.

Matured Plant – Mind the crown. Roots can be cut to separate plant from pot.








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