Harvesting Strawberries In SG Apartment!

The day finally arrived to pick and taste the fruits of our labor! No one, not even ourselves, anticipated that this day would arrived so quickly.

Harvest strawberries in Singapore

Picking fresh strawberries in Singapore

We picked our first SG strawberries on October 20 2015, two months earlier than expected. 🙂

As our plants are cultivated in water bottles and not pots , our fruits are very small as a result. But that is okay because they made up for its size with flavor! 🙂

Picking Strawberries in Singapore

My fellow researchers/gardeners are thrilled to bits !

Harvest fresh strawberries in Singapore

Summer’s wish has come true!

Picking fresh strawberries in Singapore

Picking strawberries in Singapore!

Picking fresh strawberries in Singapore

Home grown strawberries in Singappore

Pick and eat home grown strawberries

Strawberries needed to be picked as soon as they are ripe. They have a strong strawberries scent which attracts fruit flies otherwise! 🙂

Pesticide free strawberries in Singapore

Pesticide free home grown strawberries

Our home grown SG strawberries tasted like jam with a punch of apricot, very flavorful! They are so different from supermarkets’ strawberries.

Lets hope other gardeners can contribute ideas of how to make them grow better, and share their input! 🙂




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