Our chicken pies are an all time favorite with guests, parties, picnics or home meals.

When the children were young and dislike eating vegetables, it was also my way to sneak in as much greens as possible into their favorite tea time pies and they could not picked it out!

We love to use herbs, especially thyme, from our gardens.

Ready made puff pastry in sheets are used instead of making our own to save time.

Home made chicken pies

Ready made puff pastry Sheets

This recipe is for chicken pies filling and can be prepared ahead. It can be kept for one week in the fridge.

Instead of uncooked chicken, leftover roast chicken or turkey can be used as well.


  • Chicken Fillets ( breast or thigh, boneless, seasoned with salt & black pepper)
  • Vegetables ( chopped, cube sized – carrots, celery or frozen peas)
  • Fresh Thyme
  • Onions (slice or chopped)
  • Brown Mushrooms (optional, chopped)
  • Can of Campbell Cream Mushroom soup


  • Sauteed Onion until fragrant
  • Add carrots first as they take a longer time to cook, until soften
  • Add chicken
  • Add herbs, mushrooms, other vegetables
  • Add Cream of Mushroom soup

Other Notes

Dicing Carrots – 1. Cut the carrot lengthwise in the middle 2. Lay the half’s flat on cutting surface. 3. cut into strips before dicing them into smaller cube pieces.

Cooking with fresh herbs

How to dice Vegetables


Pastry Sheets (Always baked in pre heated oven)

  • Cut a pastry sheet into 4 parts
  • Fill a tablespoon and fold in 4 corners of pastry over filling
  • Bake at 160C until pastry is brown

They should be served hot and if there are leftover pies, they are best baked in hot oven for 5 minutes than microwaved, as the latter soften the skin rather than maintain its crisp texture.

The cream based soup bind and hold ingredients well, and made for a moist flavorful filling as it steamed inside the puff pastry while its being baked.


Pies with Fresh herbs

Chicken Pies


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