How to Propagate Thyme

UPDATE 2018 – KRATKY METHOD  (Bottom of page)

Grow fresh herbs at home in containers

Thyme in Liquid Base


Ms. Erin Lee started with 2 pots of thyme 🙂

Like many of us in Singapore, Thyme is a difficult herb to cultivate in our humid weather. More times than not, they died very quickly. Erin Lee said she failed many times too. But she kept on trying and finally she learned how to propagate thyme and grew them very well. 🙂

How to root thyme

Erin Lee expanding thyme garden 🙂

From 2 pots, her thyme expanded to 14 pots of healthy Thyme, which she harvested often for cooking or packed for the freezer.

I can just imagine the scent of fresh herbs along this corridor!

How to grow thyme well in Singapore

Nov 1 2015 – Erin Lee’s 14 pots of thyme!!!

Ms. Erin Lee shared her 3 steps to propagate thyme successfully :

  1. Cut thyme stems with roots (see picture)
  2. Plant roots in moist soil
  3. Grow stem cutting in shade, or allow only one hour of morning sun per day
How to choose thyme stem cutting for propagation

Find thyme’s stem with good healthy roots

Grow thyme

Cut the stem at the point below roots

How to root thyme

Stick the roots in soil, keep the soil moist and grow in shade (max 1 hour of morning sun only) until they recovered.

After propagation, the cuttings looked very weak and some of us may be discouraged had we not have Erin showing us that this is normal! 🙂


How to grow thyme

3 days after being separated from the parent plant! New stem look liked its dying

Multiply thyme from rooting

The newly propagated stems may look weak after a week, but new leaves are seen.

Erin Lee said as long as we see new young leaves on the stem, that is the sign that they are recovering and with care, this herb will continue to thrive. 🙂

Growing thyme

3 – 4 weeks later, the stems slowly stand upright.

How to grow thyme

This is how her thyme expanded to 14 pots!

And if all goes well, Erin Lee will have so much thyme that she had to share with friends or freeze them :

How to grow thyme

Thyme harvest

Tips to grow thyme

Chef Donny Tan’s thyme garden from the same rooting method

Not only from aerial roots propagation, we can also start thyme from seeds. Here were tips from Ms. Anupriya in 2016 –

Germinate Thyme from seeds

June 16 2016 – 2 months old Thyme seedlings

Due to high humidity in Singapore, germinating thyme can be quite challenging, however “not impossible” according to Anupriya. Her soil is a mixture of Aromax soil with home made compost and lots of crushed egg shells. She mist spray her soil once every 2 – 3 days and a deep watering soak (see how to in the rosemary post) for her pot once a week. Her thyme seedlings enjoyed 2 hours of morning sun everyday and about 70% of her seedlings survived.


Having failed many times in soil, from seeds or aerial rooting, we finally succeeded  growing this beautiful herb in KRATKY (non-circulating) hydroponic method.

Grow thyme from supermarket cutting

From supermarket Thyme cutting

To root a cutting, simply chose a thicker woody stem, trimmed away lower leaves before setting it in a netcup similar to this plant. Only 1 cm of the root is submerged in water for roots to show after 4 – 10 days in water. Some cuttings may take longer to root.

Grow fresh herbs indoor

Support stem in net – cup

Grow thyme from supermarket cutting

2018 August 31 – New leaves showed

Grow fresh herbs from seeds or cutting indoor

Submerged only 1 cm root end in water

Once the roots grew in mass, this herb progressed quite quickly. A light AB nutrients solution was used.

Grow thyme from supermarket cutting

2018 September 12

Grow Harvest Fresh Herbs indoor

2018 November 30

Cold seasoned herbs from cutting

2018 October 04

Grow Harvest Fresh Herbs indoors

2018 October 15

Rooted Thyme may be available for sale. Please contact to check availability. Gardeners who bought had advised that they can be transferred from liquid to well draining soil base.

Grow thyme from cutting in Singapore

Rooting in progress

Cooking with Thyme –

Having fresh thyme that we can harvest as needed, is wonderful. The scent of this herb is not heavy in roasts but it does add an extra aroma, and goes very well with lemon, garlic and butter!

How to cook with thyme

Erin Lee’s roast chicken

How to grow thyme

This is my daughter’s favorite chicken meal – roasted with lemon thyme butter and avocado sides (Kids’ friendly gourmet)

Using thyme in cooking

Chef Donny Tan’s egg cocotte with thyme


I love my fresh herbs garden along this windows. What made them special for us is that they are all “potted” in recyclable materials.


Grow fresh herbs indoors

2018 Vertical Herbs Gardens

Grow Harvest Fresh herbs indoors

2018 December 14

Finally  we can harvest as much thyme as we need, whenever we like to!


Grow thyme well from cutting in Singapore

THYME mini bush



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