DONUT Peaches

Just for fun, I wanted to see how far I can grow peaches in Singapore! 🙂

For any hard crust seed, it is better to remove the hard outer covering before sowing. Personally, I like to check the condition of the seeds too before I sowed them. Our fruits after all, were not harvested fresh on our land and shipping may rendered some damage on quality of fruits and seeds. It is a good thing too because as I discovered, not all pits have seeds.

Grow Donut Peach in Singapore

Use a nutcracker to break some of the hard crust. Not all pit has seed.

Gardening sites online recommended to dry the pit first for easier removal of the seed as the shell would be more brittle , but I did not dry mine before I applied the nutcracker and managed to break part of the crust and sowed the seed without totally removing it from the crust.

As this is my first time germinating peaches and impatient by nature,  I sneaked a peek at the seed on the 10th day by uncovering the soil and tried to dislodge it . When the seed did not budged, and seem “tied” to the soil, I knew there were roots holding it down.

donut peach seedling

Jan 26 2016 – Donut peach seed has germinated

The first leaf emerged from the soil on January 26 2016, the 19th day after sowing the seed. Most of the hard crust had split open.

donut peach seed germinated

Jan 30 2016 – Donut peach seedling pushing through soil

donut peach seedling

Feb 10 2016 – Donut peach seedling

Flat Peach Seedling

Feb 17 2016 – Donut Peach Seedling – seem to grow faster when there is sun

Flat peach seedling

March 5 2016 – can see the beginning of a tiny trunk :0

Donut Peach seedling

March 14 2016 – Donut Peach seedling

For most of my cool seasoned plants, I used ice to water them during the warmer days in Singapore. The higher the temperature, the more ice is needed. If the plants do not like too much watering, ice packs or ice bottles are used instead. Here are the various ways I chilled soil in Singapore! 🙂

Flat peach from seed

Cool seasoned plants need ice during warmer days.

Donut Peach

March 20 2016 – Donut peach

Flato Peach

March 25 2016 – new leaves

March 27 2016 - This peach seedling is growing fast!

March 27 2016 – This 2 months old peach seedling is growing fast!

Flat Peach

April 6 2016 – 70days old Peach seedling is almost 14cm tall

How to grow flat peach from seed

May 1 2016 – 3 months old peach seedling


Summary of Donut Peaches Requirements:

  1. Big pot with a diameter of at least 3 feet for better roots development
  2. Depending on varieties, it may take 3 -5 years from seed to harvest day
  3. Well drained medium of 1 part each of sand/peat/compost/perlite or equivalent
  4. Does not like wet soil
  5. Full sun
  6. Need a high Phosphorous fertilizer
  7. Self pollinating
  8. May need 100 hours minimum of chilled soil at 7 degree C (!!) to grow flowers 🙂 – Will worry about this later 🙂

6 thoughts on “DONUT Peaches

  1. My peach tree now about 9 years old. But because I think it was planted in pot (I stay in HDB Flat with corridor restriction), therefore it not really grow quite well. During its 5 years old, it start flowering (but only 1 or 2, and unable to bay fruits). Before that, I totally got 7 full grow tree (5 year old tree), but slowly one by one dried up… (sad) Now balance only 2.. the younger one now about 7 years old and did flowered last 2 year.. (also only 1 or 2 flowers each time each year).
    I will like to post some photo in here, but am a “computer-stupid” not sure how to do it…
    Just for info, now presently I also and only balance 2 plum tree (One about 7 years old and 4 years old)… 1 apricot tree… 1 fragrant Tree… 1 apple tree… the rest are those trees like guava, Fo.Shou(佛手)… (my corridor almost been used-up… Keekeekee)

      • Frankly speaking, I did seeded the peach tree a lots (almost everytime I seeded when after eaten the peach), but success rate was very low (about 10% rooted, after rooted only 30% make it to 1 year old… than about 25% make it to 5 years old… Anyway I just do it for interest…)
        3 year ago, I actually got 7 peach trees, but that time because of the “Housing Flat Painting”, I sheft here and there the pots(sometime, few days without sunlight) + the paint (suspect toxic to plants) slowly one by one dried up…
        Same to my plum trees, 7 tree about 5 years old and now left 2 trees…
        Ya… for your info, I did not used ice to chill my peach tree when it young, but I used spray water… The soil try not to be too wet, it really need well drain but also cannot be dry…
        Anyway the most difficult for me to plant was the Blueberry… From my first seeding till today, I took almost 7 years… So far only “1” able to make it to “6” months old (Now still not “Dry-up” yet Haahaahaa….) So compare to the peach tree, still consist “quite easy”… Keekeekee…

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