Potted Longan Tree

As always, before I write a post in my blog, I like to research first and hopefully summarize what I learned from readings and gardeners who grew these wonderful edibles before I shared.

Grow longans

Feb 20 2016 – Anne Ang’s long awaited harvest day!!!!

First, there were not much written about growing longans from seeds. I guessed growing this fruit tree from seeds would take too long to mature and carried an additional risk they would not grow true to parent plants (meaning -not able to fruit!). But I am happy to see some SG gardeners unfazed by common opinions and had already germinated their seeds for observations.

Grow longan in pots

September 14 2015 – Irissa Lee’s 2 weeks old longan seedlings

Feb 10 2016 - Lien Li 's 2 months old longan seedling

Feb 10 2016 – Lien Li ‘s 2 months old longan seedling

Most gardeners would buy a grafted plant like Ms. Anne Ang did and cultivated the fruit tree in pot rather than grow from seed. This way, there is more assurance that the tree would bear fruits after 2 – 3 years compared to 6 years for plants grown from seeds to mature and another 2 years to see fruits if there are any!

Grow a Longan Tree in apartment

Anne Ang’s Longan Tree on her rooftop garden

Anne transplanted her plant to this pot which has a diameter of 50cm, and it is grown under full sun on her rooftop garden. It took roughly 2 years from the date of purchase to harvest day 🙂

Griw longan tree in apartments

Jan7 2016 – Gardeners advised not to bag fruits in plastic as it will retain moisture and caused mold.

Grow Longan

Feb 10 2016 – Almost ready to harvest. Fruits in air-through bags instead of plastic ones

Ms. Ang also recommended to grow this tree near flowers to attract natural pollinators like bees. Unpollinated flowers will drop and there would be no fruits.

December 31 2015 - Jason Ong 's longan flowers

December 31 2015 – Jason Ong ‘s longan flowers


Tips for growing longans in pots

  1.  Pot diameter to be minimum 50 centimeters, and the deeper the pot is best for roots development
  2. Full Sun
  3. Slightly acidic soil with PH 5.5 -6
  4. Well drained soil, mixed with sand and perlite to aid drainage
  5. Fertilize with manure is best every 3 months and water the soil well after adding this (all happy gardening blogpost)
  6. First harvest fruits are thin skin, thicker flesh only from second round harvest 🙂
  7. Trimmed top new branch to keep the tree from growing tall





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  1. I just bought a grafted Longan, I plan to transfer it to a 50 cm pot. Any tips on my first few weeks to make sure that I don’t kill it? I am living in central Luzon Philippines.

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