How to Chill Cool Seasoned Plants’ Soil?

The plants that often intrigue us in Singapore are ones thats not meant to grow in our tropical climate! 🙂

Lavender today (Oct 29 2015)  from one post in our Facebook group, ” SG Farming in Apartments”, and strawberries are my all time favorite plants to grow in Singapore!

If we cannot put our plants in the chiller, it is NOT  impossible to bring the chiller to our pots ! 🙂

This is what I do for my fifty mature strawberries plants and seedlings indoors :

How to cool strawberry soil in the tropics

Aug 2015 – En mass chilling for my 50 mature strawberry plants at home during the heat wave

For plants that need less watering

How to chill cool seasoned plants soil

ICE Packs for non aircon rooms to keep strawberry soil cooler

Tropical Care for Temperate plants

Ice bottles for plants that hate wet soil but needs to stay cool at roots level. (May 6 2016 – Peach)

Seedling Stage Plants ( 3 – 5 months)

How we use home made liquid kelp fertilizer

Iced Nutrients feeding the soil of cool seasoned plants (white strawberries seedlings)

Outdoors, my strawberries soil are mulched with dried leaves to keep soil from over heating and iced down as well. Special compost just for strawberries are also being tried out.

How to cool strawberry soil outdoors

Strawberry care for outdoor pots: Mulched to cover top soil from overheating and iced often

It is possible to adapt our environment for the cool season plants.

All it really takes are some creative solutions and determination to grow strawberries in Singapore! 🙂




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