Strawberry Hospital – Treatment

When Alan Tan visited me on Oct 26 2015 and saw my new transplant strawberry patient, he said, ” This one cannot liao! “… and for most plants, he would be right too ! 🙂

Strawberry Care in the tropics

Oct 26 2015 – Signs of a stressed strawberry plant – dried leaves and dried fruits

Strawberry plants Care in the tropics

Dried fruits, lack of nutrients and it was cramped in a 1.5L bottle with 2 other plants


Cycle of strawberry plants in the tropics

Stunted dry fruits occurred when strawberry plants lost their vigor

Treatment –

How to treat stressed strawberry plants

Nov 2015 – Strawberries enjoyed the good life – love sunbathing all day but don’t like to sweat (roots need to stay cool) , sipped ice coffee and look fashionable (trimmed unsightly leaves!) 🙂

How to treat sick strawberry plants

After the “hair cut”, its time for a coffee break!

Strawberry Care in the tropics

Dec 2015 – Strawberry plants recovered and flowered after a few months


Strawberries plants CAN RECOVER ! 🙂

Strawberry Care information for the Tropical Zone

Feb 2016  – Stressed strawberry plants recovered

Alan Tan’s sick seedlings also recovered under his excellent care 🙂

Strawberry plants care in the tropics

Dec 26 2015 – Alan’s strawberry has recovered!

Strawberry plants care in the tropics

Sick plant recovered under Alan Tan’s excellent care 🙂

Summary of Strawberry Care and treatment – 

  1. Keep the soil acidic and cool for the roots
  2. Some variety needs the sun, some not – do prefer to seeds information
  3. Trimmed away brown and dry leaves/fruits (remove from soil, dont leave in the pot)
  4. Minimum pot depth and diameter is 6 inches (Advice from : Michael Wellik, an American strawberry farmer/expert)
  5. Add fertilizer /compost as needed
  6. DISCLAIMERPlease note, the above information are for seeds grown strawberries based on my own experience and observations. They may not apply to nurseries bought strawberries.

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