Acidify, Chill and Water strawberries’ soil in less than a minute!

Possible to add ground coffee to top soil without increasing pests in tropical Singapore’s apartment?

No Time!!!

Rushing for work in the morning!!

Strawberries care is only for people who are not working? 🙂

Strawberry plants care in less than a minute

Drink your coffee and iced coffee ahead for strawberry plants on busy days

Actually, it takes less time than you need to water normal plants and still add to the acidic and cooler soil that these plants love! This is how I do it –

Prepare ahead! The coffee you enjoyed 2 weeks ago, dilute it more and collect the drips, then freeze them!

How to chill and acidify strawberry soil in less than a minute

Chill coffee ahead for strawberry plants

Strawberry plants care in the tropics

Strawberry Care -Chill and acidify strawberry plants soil as much as possible

Zero Waste Household – Ground coffee in paper filter will be buried in the compost bin with the rest of the kitchen raw greens for compost!


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