October 9 2018 

“I’ve always known planting wasn’t easy and have seen my mom struggle with her only plant – shui mei for many years. The idea of growing herbs in my own little HDB balcony came about when I was cooking some lamb cutlets and had no rosemary and mint. I went to supermarket to buy and they cost quite a bit. Also to use all of the herbs in one cooking since I was only a weekend cook. So I went to nursery to buy my first pot of mint and rosemary. Sadly, they didn’t last very long in my hands. So I embarked on my ‘learning’ journey on herbs and came across Vic’s SG Strawberries blog. I attended a 1:1 session with Vic on basics of planting herbs and vegetables. She covered soil and water medium and also the Kratky Method which is very useful in my case. Thanks to Vic for sharing lots of tips and advice on how to look after these little delicate species. I’ve enjoyed the learning journey.”