I attended the workshop on soil, hydroponics and vegetables this afternoon as a beginner with zero knowledge of gardening (and a track record of succulents dying under my care D:). The workshop was an enriching and enjoyable experience, and it completely exceeded my expectations. The workshop was well-paced and Victoria covered both the theory and practical aspects of gardening. She explained the pros and cons of using soil and hydroponics and then demonstrated both processes. I was given the chance to try out both methods and Victoria was especially patient when I was struggling to transplant the tiny seedlings! She was also very hands-on when guiding me during the process and imparted tips and tricks on how to handle the seeds/seedlings. I especially appreciated how Victoria taught me how to properly use the nutrient solution and how the plants, required different water/nutrient conditions at their different stages. Victoria never grew tired of my many questions and she answered them all patiently!

Besides giving me a ton of information about gardening, Victoria also showed me the various plants she had been growing in her place, and we had a taste test of different leaves like scarlet kale and oyster leaves! We then enjoyed mint tea with the leaves freshly plucked from her home garden, and I must say the mint leaves were really strong-smelling!

Prior to the workshop, I had indicated that I was interested in growing kale. I was therefore touched to find out that Victoria had specially prepared more kale seeds for me to grow. What further surprised me was when Victoria gifted me with many seedlings / budding plants of different varieties! This included both herbs and a very unique byblis plant. I did not expect this at all, and it made a lovely start to my gardening journey. I left the workshop with my head and heart full! The workshop was value-for-money and it was a wonderful afternoon of learning and chatting with Victoria.