Cycle of Strawberry Plants

Strawberry Plants – What happened NEXT after fruiting stage?

We were very lucky this time.

Not only did we managed to germinate strawberry seeds and harvest their fruits, but now we also have an opportunity to study the cycle of these plants in a tropical climate.

Growing strawberries in Singapore

Here is what having 50 strawberry plants looked like at home! They are grown in every sunny space we have and climbing windows too!

How many cycles of fruits can we harvest before the plants die in our tropical climate?

Harvest strawberries in Singapore

Strawberries “garden” in Singapore

What we have observed from our plants –

  1. The red strawberry variety was a large plant, measuring more than 30cm from top to roots. Minimum soil depth is 6 inches.
SG Strawberries first harvest

Oct 20 2015 – Our first strawberries harvest. This is a large plant, over 30cm from tip to roots.

2.  This variety loves our sun and can tolerate heat, although full overhead afternoon sun is not recommended.

strawberry leaves turned brown and fruits are dry

strawberry leaves turned brown

As long as the acidic soil temperature can be lowered to 25C (the lower the better) with ice, chilled water and/or air-conditioning, we will have fruits.

After fruiting for 3 months, our strawberry plants lost their vigor.

Fruits quality declined and leaves start to look poorly.

strawberry leaves turned brown and fruits are dry

Poor quality fruits even with successful pollination and runners did not root.

strawberry leaves turned brown and fruits are dry

Indoors Mature Strawberry – Curled /browned tip leaves

Finally I decided to trim all the mature plants (9 months old) and observe what happened next.

Cycle of strawberry plants in the tropics

Dec 25 2015 – Our first harvest plant, after pruning.

Jan 2016 – This plant died! Lesson learned – as the plant matured, it need more room for its roots to grow. It cannot remained in this 1.5L water bottle.

Subsequently, we repot all mature strawberry plants into bigger pots instead of continuing to grow them in plastic bottles.

Cycle of strawberry plants in the tropics

Result – Mature strawberry plants started to fruit again in 3 months

Luckily, our mature strawberry plants continued to grow flowers and fruits after recuperating for a few months! 🙂 But the quantity of fruits was not as many as the first harvest.

One year on, since these plants germinated. They are grown without air-conditioning in my balcony. More sunlight is needed to see fruits but my apartment had only morning sun and outdoors were too stressful for me (mostly snails and theft of fruits rather than the weather). We also learned the hard way that they could not remained in our white bottles, strawberries’ roots need more room than 1.5 L bottles allowed!

SG Strawberries

Pot size is 30L, red strawberries grown in compost pot

SG Strawberries

March 31 2016 – One year old strawberry plants

Strawberry Plant Care in the Tropics

April 25 2016 – Ice continued to play a role even though this pot is indoor

Grow strawberries from seeds

June 9 2016 – After a 6 months break, this 14 months old strawberry plant is fruiting again!!!

I hoped this proved that strawberries can survived in Singapore, and if all the conditions (sunlight, rich compost, cool soil) were met, they can thrived and fruit as well. Much attention is needed to keep the soil from overheating (use ice or air-con) , but otherwise they are hardy plants.

DISCLAIMERPlease note, the above information are for seeds grown strawberries based on my own experience and observations. They may not apply to nurseries bought strawberries.


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