Meyer Lemons’ Journey

I chanced upon a post by Ms. Yong Kit Chin on May 16 2015 from Facebook group’s Kitchen Garden SG, about growing Meyer Lemons from seeds.

Grow a lemon tree in Singapore

Meyer lemons are found in organic refrigerated shelves in FairPrice supermarkets

These were her advice on how to germinate Meyer lemon seeds :

Method 1: Peel off the hard shell covering the seed. This make it easier to sprout. 

Method 2: Soak, peel, sandwich seeds in wet kitchen paper and placed these in Ziplock bag. Keep in dark cupboard. Will sprout in a week or 10 days.

Preparing lemon seeds to germinate

Yong Kit Chin – Wash pulp off seeds, soaked and peeled hard shell off for faster germination.

I sowed seeds in soil with hard shell on and without.

Indeed Ms. Yong was right.  It was much faster to germinate seeds without the hard shell ( about 10 days).

With the shell on, it took about 20 days to see the first sprout.

How to germinate Meyer Lemon seeds

Lemon seed’s first leaf peeking through the soil

Growing lemons in Singapore

July 17 2015 – 10 days to germinate when husks are removed from seeds. 20 days with husks on

How to germinate Meyer lemon seeds

One week old lemon seedling was 4 inches from top to roots

How to germinate Meyer lemon seed

One month old lemon seedling planted in soil

Growing lemons in pots

Lemon Seedling Aug 4 – compost pot, in protective “green house”!

Grow a lemon tree

Lemon Seedling on August 20 2015

Grow lemon tree in pot

December 2015 – Lemon plant grows very very slowly

How to grow a lemon tree from seeds

December 18 2015 – Lemon seedling had new leaves but not much taller than a month ago

Meyer lemon seedling

Feb 10 2016 – 7th months old Meyer Lemon seedling is still short! 🙂

Lemon plant from seeds

April 29 2016 – Lemon plant , Slow and steady!

One problem after another began to affect this weakening plant. In addition to grasshoppers, there were leaf miners and then, potassium deficiency.

Potassium deficiency plant

May 30 2016 – Outer leaves are yellow with darker inner veins

Members from our gardening group, SG Farming in Apartments, suggested seaweed fertilizers to treat this.

One year on, I am still battling with grasshoppers on this Meyer plant from seed. Although some leaves were eaten, this plant is very hardy and standing strong in haze and heavy thunderstorms. Our own made compost was added to the plant on November 4th 2016.

Before it can grow, most of the leaves were eaten by grasshoppers.

Grow Meyer lemon from seed

November 03 2016 – A new tarragon cutting was added to this pot in September 2016.

Thereafter, it never recovered and continue to decline. We made the painful decision to cull our plant. Grafted plants from the nurseries would have higher chance of seeing fruits than seeds borne for lemons.

Grow Meyer lemon from seed

February 11 2017


A fellow gardener, Marvie Costales , shared how she air layered a citrus plant using only dried leaves and grass.

For myself, the knowledge and satisfaction obtained from witnessing a seed’s first step and accompanying its journey are just as entertaining and fulfilling.

Harvesting the fruits would of course, be the cherry on top ! 🙂

It would be really nice if we had our own grown lemons for cooking.

Lemons are used in varied ways at home, in our chilled teas, to marinate fish and chicken and even in our savory pies!

VerdictNot worth the time and effort to grow Meyer lemon plant from supermarket fresh seed (extracted from lemons) based on our experience. It is better to buy a grafted plant from the nursery. These seeds are easy to germinate and the plant is hardy, but the growth rate was very slow.

Grow lemons from seeds

Sunkist Meyer Lemon





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