Tabletop Fruit Trees :)

Lim San, a fellow gardener in our Facebook gardening group, “SG Farming in Apartments” , often shared his  creative gardening projects with us.

More than once, I was inspired by his recycling efforts to use plastic bottles or paper cups to grow edibles using either hydroponics or aquaponic methods.

This time though, by his 10 months effort to bonsai a Mulberry tree!

Bonsai Fruit Trees

Lim San’s tabletop mulberry tree

I did not know bonsai trees can still bear fruits!

According to Lim San, it is best to choose a young sapling to train rather than a mature plant with thicker stem.

How to grow a bonsai mulberry tree

Mulberry tree – Young sapling is easier to train than thick tree nodes stems






One thought on “Tabletop Fruit Trees :)

  1. Hi Putrha,

    These are the comments from members of “SG Farming in Apartments” . One link you may like to check out from Ms. Regina : She said , ” I think currently after clearing the pests and being repotted, you have to let the plant slowly recover. Since the inside of the bark still green means it’s still surviving. Once the plant recovered from transplant and pest shock, it should be able to grow new shoots or leaves. Just have to wait. Nothing u can do about it. Also since this bonsai doesn’t like fertilizer all the more nothing should be done to it. That’s my opinion” and Ms. MaderaRoja said the plant likely need more light for longer hours.

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