Strawberry Runner

2015 October 22 –  Our first experience with runners occurred after our plants begun their fruiting journey. We had fruits on many flowering stems but also noticed odd little joint on some other stems. Members of our gardening groups who lived abroad and had strawberries in their gardens, told us these were runners and also how to root them.

How to root strawberry runners

2015 October 25 – First Runner spotted

Grow strawberries from seeds in Singapore

2018 May 30 – Runner

Runners, pinned on soil, will grow new roots. They become new plantlets and can be separated from the parent.

Propagating strawberry runners

Strawberry runners were suspended in mid air

We decided to try rooting some runners and see what happened next.

A strawberry vertical “tower” was brought down to allow runners to be pinned for rooting.

How to propagate strawberry plants

Soil depth extended for strawberry vertical pot!

Rooting strawberry runners

Strawberry runner pinned to soil with a curtain peg!

As the weeks passed, it slowly gained strength to stand upright 🙂

rooting strawberry runners

Strawberry runner rooted and the stem stand upright

When the strawberry runner developed more established roots, we can separate it from the parent plant by cutting the attached stem.

When to separate strawberry runner from its parent

Strawberry runner had developed roots while attached to parent plant

How to propagate strawberry runners

Strawberry runner’s roots

How to propagate strawberry plants from runners

2015 Nov 15 – Rooted Runner

Above plant died soon after separation.

On hindsight, it might have been better to root this runner without the extra burden of carrying fruits as well. Most of these developing fruits dried up and did not grow more.

2016 – 2017 Observations

Rooting runners experiments continued after 2015 in spite of countless failures.

Grow Strawberries from seeds in Singapore

2016 December 28

Growing strawberries from seeds in Singapore

2017 January 11

Rooted runners were donated to other gardeners to explore. Seedlings did not survive as well.

A chance discovery – Stressed Alpine plants trigger runners

This runner was caused by a near break in a stem. The more pronounced the stress, the bigger (more aggressive) the runner.

Growing strawberries from seeds in Singapore

2017 December 13

Experiment 2 – What happened if we do not root or remove runners?

Growing strawberries from seeds in Singapore

2017 October 08 – Runner Un-Rooted

Growing strawberries from seeds in Singapore

A new developing runner

Growing strawberries from seeds in Singapore

Aggressive energy

After a while, the red stems became more brown and all the runners died. Parent plant also lost energy. To save the parent plant, these runners were cut. Flowers did not show for another 5 months and most did not turned into fruits.

Growing strawberries from seeds in Singapore

Aerial roots of runner

2017 October 08 – The tale of two plants, grown from the same pack of seeds. The plant with no runner have fruits.

The other plant (with runners)  had no fruits but nonetheless, remained healthy. After the runners were cut, it still survived in 2018, in my outdoor pot.

Growing strawberries from seeds in Singapore

Tale of 2 Strawberries

Grow strawberries from seeds in Singapore

2017 September 5

Strawberry runner

2017 June 29 – Runner plant’s regressed flower

2018 Update 

In the pot, this plant with runner is on the lower right corner. It was observed to be a slightly larger plant compared with the rest of the plants which remained true to their heirloom characteristics. Its leaves were also darker green and thicker.

Growing strawberries from seeds in Singapore

2018 February 09 – outdoor plants

Growing strawberries from seeds in Singapore

Thicker leaves

In September 2018, this plant showed flowering buds and runners (not rooted) at the same time.

Grow Strawberries Outdoor in the tropics

2018 September 13

Strawberry Plant Care in the tropics

2018 September 17

Grow strawberries outdoors in the tropics

Still running!


Non Runner Plant Characteristics

Strawberries Plant Care outdoor

2017 December 28 – Mature Plant

  • Thinner Lighter Green Leaves
  • Very red stems during flowering stage
  • More fruits but smaller in size

Plants with runners

We explored how did these plants from same pack of seeds displayed hybrid characteristics such as runners and regressed flowers while most others remained true to their heirloom properties.

Looking back, the reason was likely how they began their journey.

Seedlings with runners started their journey outdoor in our compost pots by accident. They germinated when we recycled the seeds soil and these seedlings suffered 3 days of torrential storms in the week of  May 21 2017.

Strawberries plants outdoor in the tropics

Stressed seedlings

From a very young stage, outdoor seedlings were different from those that were germinated indoor with no stress.

Grow strawberries plants in the tropics

2017 June 03 – No red stems

Comparison of indoor (red stems) and outdoor stressed seedlings.

Strawberries runners plants outdoor in the tropics

2017 June 17

As they grew, the red stems returned to our hybrid plants, but they were other differences, such as thicker stems and larger leaves.

Strawberries runners plants outdoor in the tropics

2017 July – Less red & Thicker stems

The above seedling matured into the runner plant illustrated in this post.

Grow strawberry plants outdoor in the tropics

2017 September 05

Runner Plants Characteristics

  • Bigger Plant
  • Thick stems and leaves
  • Regressed flowers, 2 years to reach this stage
  • Bigger but few fruits (once runners are removed)
  • Red stems do not showed until third month

Observations on our runner’s plants, seeds grown parents – 

  • They don’t last even with established roots mass once cut from the parent plants
  • When they survived, fruiting was delayed
  • In colder countries, when strawberry parent plants returned in the Spring, their energy is renewed and they fruit better every season. Their plants are able to propagate from runners. In contrast, in the tropics, runners seem to deplete energy from parent plant even more.
  • Rooting Runners = Delayed fruiting or worst case, keep sending out runners
  • DISCLAIMER – These observations are based on my own plants (from seeds) and may not applied to every strawberry plant (types, varieties)


2018 HYDRO Plants

We learned from experience not to keep runners on plants or root them since 2016.

On our hydro plants, flowers showed within 10 days once runners were removed.


Strawberries Runners in Singapore

2018 June 19 – Flowers showed after runners were cut on June 11

Grow strawberries from seeds in Singapore

Runners are discouraged







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