For local SG sales, please add SGD4.00 (seeds) for registered postage and handling.

To order, please drop us an email so that we could facilitate mailing accuracy –

We will need the following prior to delivery –

  1. screenshot of bank transfer ( POSB saving 121 582 52 0 )
  2. items & quantity
  3. name and address to sent the order

STRAWBERRY SEEDS – All our seeds underwent germination viability before releasing for sale.

  1. RED Alpine – suitable for container growing, first seed sprout spotted on the 7th day. Pack of 20 seeds is SGD 6.00. I like these seeds as they were able to “lift” upon germination.
Strawberry seeds for sale in Singapore

Sowed February 26 2017 and first sprouting spotted on March 05 2017

Strawberry seeds for sale in Singapore

March 6 2017 – seed leaves opened

Strawberry seeds for sale in Singapore

March 11 2017 – Identifying strawberry leaf appeared

Grow Singapore strawberries

April 10 2017 – Seeds viability is excellent! Germinating these for kids’ workshops in schools

Pineapple Strawberries, heirloom – yellow alpine strawberries. Pack of 20 seeds, SGD8.00. Unique taste profile – sweet, pineapple with rose syrup when ripe. Germinated, Finally!!!  (March 9 2017, sowed Feb 26 2017, almost 2 weeks).

Again, we see the seeds are good by how they were able to lift towards light upon germination. Seedlings die easily if the leaves remained on wet soil and its nice to see them rise quickly from danger.

Strawberry seeds for sale in Singapore

March 09 2017 (sowed on Feb 26 2017)

Grow Singapore strawberries

April 14 2017 – Seedlings progress from our seeds trials. Viability is a success.

Pineapple strawberry seeds for sale

Aug 2016 – Pineapple Strawberries Plant

For local SG residents, seedlings can be considered when available. Prices and pictures to be posted later.

These seeds (non red strawberries) are not easy to germinate for beginners and viability varied from batches to batches.



More items to come.