“Now, when someone say it is impossible to grow flavorful aromatic strawberries in our tropical island, one can certainly proved with Vic’s blog. And that was what triggered the curiosity and interest of mine to attend her workshop.

It was a great decision!

In the workshop, she was able to simplify everything with everyday analogy for a green novice like myself, who tried my hands at greens via YouTube and internet. Of course, my fingers turned ‘brown’with no real guidance and hands-on with an expert who has totally adapted and learnt from her own experiments and trial to make plants thrives well in her own indoor environment .

These valuable lessons shared were really useful for many like me who live in high rise apartments with no patio/gardens of our own. And best of it all, is the ability to recycle our everyday objects (yoghurt cups, bottles etc).

It was an enjoyable afternoon to learn and enjoy getting back to being ‘grounded’ in greens and soil. What that made it even more worth it, is her friendly and helpful personality which makes one feel like time spend with a friend, that certainly was the main reason I went back for a recent second session of herbs and salads with her.

Kudos to Summer and Vic for making my friends and I felt so welcomed.

and I feel

These days, after a hectic week, spending
time with the green ‘babies’ are one of the therapeutic activities I can wind-down to.

I hope you will be able to experience the bliss of tending to plants and be in contact with nature in the comfort of your own home, just as I have and still doing so.”