Moist Carrot Cake

Original Recipe from Richard Goh (October 2010).

For 9 inch square tin, paper lined.

Preheat oven at 180C

Part 1 – WET Ingredients

In big mixing bowl, beat well –

175 ml                   Sunflower or Veg Oil

175g                      Light Muscovado Sugar

3 nos.                    Eggs, beaten

Part 2 – Add to WET

175 g                       Grated Carrot

85g                         Sultanas

55g                         Walnuts (optional)

1no.                       Grated Orange Rind

Part 3 – Add to (1) + (2) until just blended, DO NOT over beat

175g                       Self Raising Flour

1 tsp.                     Bicarbonate of Soda

1 tsp.                     Cinnamon Powder

½ tsp.                    Grated nutmeg

Baked in preheat oven, 40 – 45 minutes.

Leave to cool in tin 5 minutes, then overturn onto wire rack for cooling


Beat until smooth and spread over cake

200g                       Cream Cheese

100g                       Icing Sugar

2 tsp.                     Orange Juice

Served in squares with strips of orange zest cream cheese frosting.

Carrot Cake from Juice Pulp

Carrot Cake

We use juice pulp for this carrot cake!

Carrot Cake from Juice Pulp

The best fiber from this pulp!

Carrot Cake from Juice Pulp

Carrot, Beet Pulp from juicing


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