Wisteria Lesley’s Mulberry Trees

When reading posts on mulberries, one name keep popping up.

Grow Mulberries in Singapore

Nov 02 2015 – Wisteria Lesley’s mulberry trees

She is generous with advice on subjects as wide ranging as proper names for plants (mind you, in both Chinese characters and English names!!! ) to plant care and insects control.

This wonder lady with her bottomless pit of knowledge, is Ms. Wisteria Lesley.

I saw her posts in Green Culture Singapore and Urban Farmers (Singapore) quite by accident.  Pictures of her lush plentiful mulberries caught my attention. I don’t think I ever taste one before or seen these sold in supermarkets!

How to grow mulberries in Singapore

Mulberries that made you drool ! 🙂


How to grow mulberries

Ripe mulberries are dark colored

Mulberry plant leaves are edible too

Ms. Lesley used  mulberry leaves to brew tea!

I remembered her previous posts as well.

Of her trimming down her mulberry trees to bald stumps after each harvest.

Her generous offers of cuttings at a reasonable price and of course, an immediate response from gardeners here until the cuttings were all gone.

New shoots would grew on the stumps and after only a few weeks, Wisteria Lesley shared pictures of flowers.

Grow mulberries in Singapore

Ms. Lesley ‘s mulberry cuttings after a pruning

Grow a mulberry tree in Singapore

Nov 25 2015 – -Flowers appeared on new shoots after pruning

Rooting mulberry stems

June 10 2015 – Flowers on mulberry cutting as it root in water

Mulberry flowers after hard pruning

Photo – Wisteria Lesley’s mulberry tree had flowered, 3 weeks after pruning


How to grow mulberry plants from stem cuttings

Nov 25 2015 – Mulberry flowers turned into fruits

I decided to ask her how she began her mulberry’s journey and if I could share her story here.

Ms. Lesley has three mulberry trees and they began their journey in 2008.

For bald stem cuttings like this picture, it is best to root them in fresh water until leaves and “good roots mass” appeared.

How to grow mulberry in Singapore

May 31 2015 – Cuttings from mulberry trees rooting in tap water

Mulberry stems rooting in water

June 23 2015 – Day 23, mulberry cutting rooted in water !

These can be planted in minimum 15 cm diameter pot until they are more established.

How to grow mulberry trees from cutting

2008 – Ms. Lesley’s mulberry trees started with these cuttings.

Mulberries can be planted in pots or grounded.

Her trees are planted in the ground.

When their roots became root bound, they coiled around soil instead of the pot.

This plant would pop up of the pot when pressed gently on the soil. A sure sign that it is ready to move to bigger pot or be grounded ! 🙂


Began on July 19 2016 from cutting.

Each cutting were stripped of leaves and pruned down (made shorter) for the rooting process (in plain water). Roots did not show but fruits developed.

Grow mulberries in containers

Fruits without roots !

We decided to plant our cutting without roots and surprisingly they established well in containers without them. We grew them in our own compost mixed with sand.

Grow mulberries in containers

2017 December 23

These plants grew better in the ground and can be very tall plants with thick stem, but are possible in large pots as well. However for better fruits yield and size, they were best grounded with as much direct full sun for as long as possible.

When there was inadequate sun, these plants took a longer time to fruit no matter what we do. For a long time, they grew only leaves and become taller. We constantly pruned them down or as advised, bend (and tie) the thin stems to gain more access to sun heat.

Grow Mulberries from cutting in containers

2017 February 12

First fruits on our cutting showed in July 2017.

Grow Mulberries from cutting in containers

2017 July 6

Yield and size of fruits seem to increase over the years, in shaded gardens. The darker the berries, the sweeter they were.

Grow Mulberries from cutting in containers

2019 February 08

Our fruits were not very big or plentiful but we were nonetheless, very grateful to be able to harvest them at all.

Grow Mulberries from cutting in containers

Natural Ribena!


Information from http://www.gardenguides.com/ :

  • Full Sun
  • Ground depth should be minimum the same height as the sapling and twice the size of its root ball
  • At maturity, this is a medium size tree, 20 -30 feet
  • Water well after transplant
  • Slightly acidic soil, PH 6.0
  • Adaptable in zones 5 – 9






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