Algae is present whenever there is liquid and light.

Algae Prevention in hydroponic gardening

Unsightly and Slimy Algae

In hydroponics gardening, where light, water and nutrients are present, algae growth can be a weekly maintenance headache to clean. Algae can be present in soil as well. Wherever light meets moisture.

Algae Prevention in hydroponic gardening

Hydroponic Chores

To prevent or at least reduce algae growth, removing the light element is the easier solution for roots zone.

Large systems gardening used dark opaque colored containers for reservoir for this reason, however when we want to recycle small bottles for rooting purposes or KRATKY hydroponics, there is often no choice in bottles’ colors unless paint is used.

Hydro lavenders from seeds

Lavenders in KRATKY

Larger bottles wear socks to shield soil or liquid from light.

using recycled materials in gardening

Re-used old Socks

Another solution can be found by re-using hard paper rolls to shield clear plastic containers from light, especially for smaller bottles.

No glue needed! All we need are paper rolls and a pair of scissors. Cut a slit along the length of the paper roll.

Prevent algae in Hydroponics

No glue needed

The height as desired to cover the bottle. Two or more paper rolls may be needed to cover a tall cylinder shaped bottle.

Prevent algae in Hydroponics

Cut Length as needed

Short paper roll to bracket paper shield in place.

Prevent algae in Hydroponics

Paper Bracket

A free of charge, 5 minutes solution to prevent algae growth in small hydroponic bottles and helped our environment!

Prevent algae in Hydroponics

5 minutes solution