Colorful Lettuce

Colorful  lettuce such as the red or four seasoned lettuce will spruce up any salads presentation very well.

This is how to germinate them easily.

  • Sowed on moist tissues and cling wrapped the container to maintain high moisture level. The germination time is within 3 days.
Grow red or colorful salads from seeds

Seeds in moist medium

When these seedlings were less than a month old, there was no hint of red  on the leaves.

Grow different varieties lettuce from seeds in Singapore

2018 Sept 17

Grow different varieties lettuce from seeds in Singapore

2018 September 19

Grow red or colorful salads from seeds

One week old

A hint of its colorful hues at first month old.

Grow different varieties lettuce from seeds in Singapore

2018 October 16

In Kratky (non-circulating hydroponic), their roots mass is dense but not massive.

Grow different varieties lettuce from seeds in Singapore

2018 November 3

Vivid red and other colors at 2nd month. The leaves can be harvested younger than 2 months old. We observed that it can be a cut and grow plant, and the vivid colors comes after the greener leaves were harvested.

Grow different varieties lettuce from seeds in Singapore

2018 November 8

Taste and texture of these leaves are “lettuce” .

Grow different varieties lettuce from seeds in Singapore

2018 November 8



Thanks to Jack Yam’s sharing with easy to follow tutorial and accompanying photographs, a lot of gardeners learned how to grow microgreens.

With Jack’s permission, his pictures and instructions are shared in this post.

Step 1 – Recycle any plastic container suitable for growing! Drill or cut holes at the base for drainage. This allowed excess water to drain from the soil.

Grow food at home

Cut or drill holes for drainage

Not handy with electric drill, I re-used easier to cut soft plastic containers instead! Drainage holes were created by snipping corners with a pair of scissor.

Grow Harvest Eat from garden to table

Re-used plastic containers!

Step 2 – Fill only 1 inch depth of good gardening soil mix, customized or buy ready mix.

Microgreens from seeds

Fill and pat down soil

Step 3 – Water well, the medium should be very wet and then slowly drained from the holes we had cut/drilled below.

Grow Eat Fresh Food

The soil is very wet


Step 4 – Sow seeds on the surface. Press gently on seeds to ensure that they touched the soil but were not buried. 

Grow Eat Fresh Food

Seeds are on the surface

Lesson learned from our own experience, DO NOT cling wrapped the container as mold will grow. However this is easily remedied with sun exposure after a few hours.

Our microgreens’ journal began on December 17 2017 following Jack Yam’s instructions.

We hope to grow many varieties of microgreens and be able to harvest fresh from our table top gardens!

Grow microgreens from seeds

Broccoli and Red Beet seeds from Gardeners Day Out event in Singapore

  1. Broccoli seeds germinated in 18 hours!
Grow Eat fresh food at home

2017 December 18 at 2pm – Broccoli

Impatient to taste our first microgreens, we harvested on December 24 2017, exactly 7 days later.

Grow Harvest Eat microgreens

Broccoli microgreens taste like broccoli

Jack Yam advised there is no fixed rule as to when microgreens can be harvested. They can be as young as one week old with a set of seed leaf or more mature 3 to 4 weeks. The older seedlings will have more leaves and better bite. Microgreens are generally eaten raw and however old they are when we harvest them, they taste really good.

How to Grow microgreens at home

Dec 29 2017 – Broccoli leaf

How to Grow microgreens at home

2 weeks old seedling

2) Red beet was our second microgreen variety to try .

The seeds are really cute as they looked like wholemeal cereal bites!

Grow Harvest Eat microgreens

December 17 2017

Red beets germinated on December 19 2017, 2 days later.

Grow Harvest Eat microgreens

December 19 2017 – red beet

First harvest and taste on Christmas day 2017!

Grow Harvest Eat microgreens

Red beet

How to grow microgreens at home

Red Beet Leaf taste like beet!

Whole food grow at home made great snacks as well!

Grow Harvest Eat microgreens

Red beets and broccoli greens!

Growing microgreens was really easy and  fast to harvest.

In spite of their size, they packed a punch in nutrients, texture and taste.

Our grow rack of  anti-aging, healthy and colourful microgreens is expanding! 🙂

How to grow microgreens at home

2017 Dec 30 – Growing more varieties

One Time harvest 

  1. Spicy Taste – radishes, mustard/mizuna (wasabi tasting) , rockets
  2. Thai Basil
  3. Broccoli
  4. Pea / dou miou
  5. Red Cabbage
  6. Sunflower
  7. Alfalfa
  8. Red Amaranth
  9. Coriander
  10. Fenugreek
  11. Basil (green , purple)
  12. Kale
  13. Pak Choy
  14. Spinach
  15. sesame
  16. Chia seeds
  17. Water Cress
  18. Edamame
  19. Fennel
  20. Cucumber
  21. Chard
  22. Stevia
  23. Pumpkin leaves
  24. Sorrel
  25. Chives

Multiple harvests microgreens – cut will regrow

  1. Corn (Jack Yam’s tip – the white part of shoots are very sweet but the longer the shoot grows, the texture is fibrous)
  2. Wheatgrass

Most leafy greens can be harvested early to be eaten as microgreens or let to mature to grow into salads. Thus we can use vegetables and herbs seed for microgreens. For example, any type of kale, basil, pak choy, amaranth etc.

Microgreens vs. Sprouts

They are not the same.

Sprouts are germinated seeds and harvested in 48 hours. Consumed sprouts are mainly the seed, stem, roots and underdeveloped light color leaves. Their ideal growing conditions, 100% humidity and warmth (27C/80F), sometimes carried risks of pathogenic bacteria. In Europe, consumers are often advised to cook sprouts before eating.

Microgreens are young greens and harvested from 2 to 4 weeks. Their growing conditions are completely opposite the sprouts conditions – high light and sun exposure, low humidity and good ventilation. They have 2 developed cotyledons (seed leaf) and partially developed true leaf. Usually consumed raw without roots as they are cut above soil level.

An USDA 2012 study on microgreens yield an interesting detail. The nutritional benefits of microgreens varied when its grown in artificial lights and natural strong sunlight. According to this study, natural sunlight will yield the maximum nutritional content for microgreens.







Home Grown Peanuts

Fancy home grown peanuts? If your garden is sunny, its the easiest edibles to grow, even for beginners!

Jessica said she did not expect that growing peanuts was so easy.

Home Grown Peanuts

Just harvested Peanuts


Jessica grew her peanuts in 4 easy steps ! 🙂

Grow Peanuts

Sowed Peanuts without shells – raw, unseasoned types

  1. Threw peanuts without shells on her raised garden bed
  2. Cover lightly with soil
  3. Stepped lightly on them 🙂
  4. Water well
Growing Peanuts is easy

100 days from sowing to harvest

With 3 young kids and a full time job, she wanted crops that were hardy and need minimum care. She loved to harvest home grown edibles, but they must survived her “no tender loving care ” gardening style! 🙂

Even sowing the peanuts, she threw them without much order on her raised garden bed, “any how throw” style 🙂 , covered with soil and “sprayed water” !!

When there was no rain, her peanut plants went without water for 3 days in a row, under full overhead sunlight. As seen in this picture where she just harvested the peanuts, they were not buried deeply.

Grow Peanuts is easy

Just harvested from the soil

For most of us living in apartments, with no garden beds, it is just as easy to grow them in pots, as long as your garden has full sun. The pot should be wide at the base, considering these pictures of how the peanuts tend to be in bunches. I rather let the plant had more room to grow bigger peanuts ! 🙂

According to my reading, these seedlings are not easy to transplant, thus is best to sow directly in the pots where they will mature. Germination is quick, only 3 to 5 days, water well after sowing. Harvest day is 100 days from this point if all goes well! 🙂

Some folks in Singapore believed that soup from peanuts roots and de-shelled peanuts are good for growing children, especially boys. Peanuts are snipped off plant and used without husks. 🙂

Member LK Koay shared an old chinese recipe for this soup :

Growing peanuts is easy

Old Chinese recipe for peanut roots soup

As only the only bottom half of the plant is used, do rinse many times to rid the roots of soil AND recycle this water for your garden! 🙂

Sally Low shared how her very adorable peanut began its journey on May 27 2016 ! 🙂 Her peanut in shell germinated (in 7 days) after soaking for 2 days. This was not cracked or buried. Sally said she did not cut any holes in the PET bottle for drainage, instead she laid 1.5 inches of leca balls at the bottom before topping up the soil, and only mist spray thereafter.

Grow peanut

Peanut saying ‘Hi’, isn’t it cute?!

Grow peanut

May 27 2016 – The progress in a matter of hours!

Grow Peanut

Peanut charges ahead, growing fast!

Grow Peanut

Peanut’s journey

Growing peanut seem easy , why not give it a try? 🙂