Byblis is a carnivorous “Godsend” plant for many gardeners faced with flying pests troubles. Their long sticky leaves trapped anything that fly by. And all they need to thrive are filtered water and as much sun as they could get.

Propagate Carnivorous Byblis Plants from cutting

Sticky Leaves Trap Mosquitoes

Thus these plants are easy to maintain and grow for organic pests prevention.

It is not difficult to propagate the plants by stem cutting, and I preferred using a net-cup and sponge over sphagnum moss to establish the cutting, following in the footstep of Brendan Goh. 


First, chose a netcup size that fit a shallow container well. The cutting will not have any roots and its cutting’s end need to be submerged in water.

How to Propagate Byblis Cutting

1) Chose Netcup to fit Container

Soak sponges ahead of time so that the cutting will be supported by a moist environment to reduce stress.

How to Propagate Byblis by Cutting

2) Soak sponges

Chose a longish (6 – 8 cm) stem for the cutting and remove lower leaves while its still attached to the mother’s plant. The lower stem will be tucked in the sponge.

How to Propagate Byblis by Cutting

3) Cut lower leaves

UPDATE – Any length is okay for propagating

Care Tips for Byblis cutting

3 cm length, use mini sponge

The cutting’s end need to be outside the sponge’s edge. Water level will reach mid point of the sponge height.

How to Propagate Byblis by Cutting

Tuck into moist sponge

Sponge will be inserted into a netcup. The latter will be placed over a reservoir container.

How to Propagate Byblis by Cutting

Insert into net-cup

See how this method completely sealed access to stagnant water? With this method, I will be testing them in outdoor gardens without worrying about mosquitoes breeding.

While we wait for roots to show, this entire container can be placed in the sun and all we need to do is periodically check if water need topping up.

How to Propagate Byblis by Cutting

Mosquitoes SAFE ! 

A shallow container can be further inserted into another taller container to prevent leaves from flopping to the ground.

How to Propagate Byblis by Cutting

Increase height

This cutting rooted in 10 days on October 30 2018. It also fell from height due to windy conditions at home but the sponge and netcup buffer the fall well.

How to Propagate Byblis by Cutting

2018 Oct 30 – Roots showed

When the roots grew longer, we move netcup holder to another taller container instead of uprooting to transplant the Byblis. This mean it’s less stressful for the plant. They’d root and bloom faster the lesser the stress in their environment.

How to Propagate Byblis by Cutting

Roots are long

When the roots grew longer, the sponge will no longer be soaked in water. This part will be dry, only roots in water. I hope that this will reduce mealy bugs problem as seen from some posts this morning (October 20 2018).

With any clear container, where light meets liquid, it is better to cover to prevent algae growth and keep roots zone in darkness.

How to Propagate Byblis by Cutting

Shield from light

Last but not least, I am sure there are many other ways to propagate the byblis plants, but this is the way I preferred to do ours. They are really wonderful to keep pests at bay and we hung some of these cuttings on windows as well.

How to Propagate Byblis by Cutting

Window’s Byblis


We noticed that byblis plants can turned woody over time. It usually start at the lower stem area and then progressing higher. Left untreated, sometimes the plants died. Drier browning leaves do not trapped insects well and they become weaker.

Care Tips for Byblis cutting

Dry lower stem

STEPS to revive BYBLIS

  1. CUT away dry brown leaves at the lower stem area
Care Tips for BYBLIS cutting


Care Tips for BYBLIS

Browning & Dry leaves Removal

2. TUCK lower stem (where drier leaves were removed) into liquid base if possible. The sponge now support the higher area where leaves are still green.

Care Tips for BYBLIS cutting

TUCK – Lower stem below netcup

3. SUPPORT higher stem upright position to harness sun.

Care Tips for Byblis cutting

Lowered Stem

Care Tips for Byblis cutting



  1. SUPPORT  – In indoor environment, BYBLIS that were supported in an upright position seem to thrive better. We used to let them flop over our window grills (in natural sunlight) but noticed that lower stem seem to turn woody faster.

Satay Sticks were tucked into the sponge to lend a firmer support for these weak stem plants.

Care Tips for Byblis Cutting


When they recover, these plants will grow new leaves, regained back the sticky sap to trap more insects.

Care Tips for Byblis Cutting

Newly recovered Byblis cutting


2. Green stems had better chance of rooting than dry brown parts of plants.

Care Tips for Byblis cutting

Cutting from green stem only


3. Indoor systems 

With this netcup setup, it is also possible to plug this carnivorous plant in high tech systems, as a pests prevention measure. The care maintenance of this plant is just lights and water and any flying insects could be trapped by its long sticky leaves. The more lights received, the better they thrived. However they cannot tolerate plants’ nutrients, thus it needs its own reservoir.

How to propagate Byblis cutting

Natural Flies Trap

A new pot designed to protect our Byblis from lashing wind while remaining mosquitoes safe in its own reservoir. This pot could be used in indoor systems under grow lights or outdoor.

AVAILABLE FOR SALE in SHOP (include house for indoor or outdoor garden with no.4 netcup plug).

How to propagate Byblis cutting


4. Outdoor Gardens

We found mosquitoes presence greatly reduced after it was introduced outdoor. Access to stagnant water must be sealed completely, thus the sponge method work very well. When it rained, water soaked through and in drier times, we could add water and then closing the access.

How to propagate byblis from cutting

Mosquitoes Safe Reservoir

How to propagate Byblis by cutting and Care Tips

BYBLIS Outdoor

5. Fragile leaves (and stem)

Byblis’s leaves (and stem) were observed to be quite fragile. They easily break if rubbed against other surface too often. Any tear can caused browning of stem over time and the plant will die.

Byblis Plant Care Tips

A tear when rubbed against window

The only remedy is to cut the green portion of the plant and root with the above steps on propagation.

Byblis Plant Care and Tips

Cut + Re-root


These are really pretty and useful plants to grow and propagate. From one mother plant, we had many cuttings to protect our gardens from common flying pests.

This is how the cut point revived on the mother plant. Instead of a single off shoot, sometimes two parts emerged. Thus it became a denser bush if we propagate often.

Byblis Plant Care and Tips

New growth at the cut

Even without roots, the new cuttings could still trapped insects and “feast”. The more they ate, the faster roots showed. And then the cycle begins again ! 🙂

How to Propagate Byblis Cutting

The morning after propagation

October 20 2018 cutting that was used in the propagation steps showed flowers on November 8.

Byblis cutting Propagation via cutting

Beautiful Purple Blooms!

Mosquitoes and any flying Pests Prevention!

Care Tips for Byblis cutting

Vertical Gardens Guards

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