Garden By the Bed

Year 2015Β  – When we started on this journey in March 2015, it was just a table by a sunny window in a bedroom πŸ™‚

How to germinate strawberry seeds in Singapore

March 2015 – We started with one humble table πŸ™‚

Then two tables started filling up with plants as we gained confidence in gardening. Papaya, lychee and any seed that stroke our curiosity were tried. We seen how donut peaches start their journey as well! However strawberries were our favorite and thus, we grew many, many strawberries! πŸ™‚

SG Strawberries garden by the bed

April 2015

Our strawberries garden by the bed

From cups, strawberries moved to bigger and more hanging pots

How we grow 30 strawberry seedlings in a bottle

How we grow 30 strawberry seedlings in a self watering bottle (From Green Urban Garden Video I think)


How to grow strawberries inside apartments

Strawberries started to climb all over the windows!

Indoors strawberries garden in Singapore

September 2015 – Strawberries all over the windows and spilling over 3 tables!!

Indoors strawberries garden in Singapore

Strawberries everywhere πŸ™‚

Growing strawberries in Singapore

Strawberries spilled out of bedroom to the balcony

Year 2016 – Β We continue to fill our home with unique cold zone varieties. As we gained more experience growing them, we challenged ourselves to grow more white strawberries which are tastier and sweeter than common garden varieties! πŸ™‚

Grow Pineapple Strawberries from seeds

Hanging Garden of strawberries and camomile plants

Small Spaces Gardens

December 15 2016 – bedroom garden

Growing Strawberries in Singapore

August 1 2016

Growing Strawberries in Singapore

Yummy pineapple scented strawberries!

Small Spaces Gardens

December 30 2016 – Balcony

Year 2017 –Β 

Small Spaces Gardens

Jan 10 2017 – New Window garden out of PET bottles πŸ™‚

Growing Strawberries in Singapore

Library – My writing area filled with our favorite plants!

Growing strawberries in Singapore

Aug 26 – Summer’s room

Growing Strawberries in Singapore

Hanging Gardens still filled windows

Growing strawberries from seeds

Strawberries seedlings for workshops (

Growing Strawberries in Singapore

July – Kitchen’s windows

Growing Strawberries in Singapore

KitchenΒ  – It was really nice when flowers were spotted!

Growing Strawberries in Singapore

September – Living Room

Growing Strawberries in Singapore

Living room fruits

As you can see, we really love to grow strawberries! πŸ™‚