Propagate Strawberry Plant

Every growth event with strawberries is a first for us as it was for some Singaporeans!

Before we successfully germinated strawberries seeds in Singapore, we have never seen strawberry seedling, much less our first strawberry runner on Oct 22 2015!

How to root strawberry runners

October 22 2015 – Thrilled to see strawberry runners on our plants in Singapore!

Our gardening group members advised us to pin these runners on to soil while its still attached to the parent plant.

Propagating strawberry runners

Strawberry runners were suspended in mid air

However our strawberry plant was not grown in pots but suspended mid air and hung on windows. 🙂

This strawberry vertical tower was brought down to allow runners to be pinned for roots.

How to propagate strawberry plants

Soil depth extended for strawberry vertical pot!

Rooting strawberry runners

Strawberry runner pinned to soil with a curtain peg!

As the weeks passed, it slowly gained strength to stand upright 🙂

rooting strawberry runners

Strawberry runner rooted and the stem stand upright

When the strawberry runner developed more established roots, we can separate it from the parent plant by cutting the attached stem.

When to separate strawberry runner from its parent

Strawberry runner had developed roots while attached to parent plant

How to propagate strawberry runners

Strawberry runner’s roots

How to propagate strawberry plants from runners

Nov 19 2015 – Strawberry Runner continues to fruit and flowered

This is a whole new strawberry plant!