Singapore, Lets grow Strawberries!! :)


The most obvious reason is the taste.

If you have the chance to meet my daughter, she will tell you with shining eyes, “because they taste like jelly beans!”

Imagine, strawberries that looked and tasted like jelly beans, and packed with vitamins and all the natural goodness that jelly beans don’t have!

Just ask Shirley Ooi, a gardener from our  Facebook group, “SG Farming in Apartments”.  I am sure she did not expect the taste to be so good ! 🙂

Growing and Picking strawberries indoors

Shirley Ooi was surprised 🙂

Self Pollinating strawberries flowers

How many kids in Singapore can say their daily chores include pollinating strawberry flowers ?!

Growing and Picking strawberries indoors

Strawberry and Cream “JellyBean” 🙂


Pesticide free strawberries in Singapore

Pesticide free home grown strawberries

Ever wonder what other strawberries varieties there are?

Most of the tasteful wild alpine strawberries cannot be shipped as they need to be consumed on the same day as harvest, and thus not available in our supermarkets.

I really want to try them all ! Wouldn’t you? 🙂

Coming Soon : Gourmet Strawberries !!!

Heirloom Pineapple Strawberries seedlings

Feb 9 2016 – Trays of gourmet white strawberry seedlings to research !

Do follow our gourmet strawberry posts for updates 🙂