How to Propagate Mint Plant

Many herbs can be propagated this way.

First, cut a stem from a plant or use any stem from the market with leaves on.

Stick the stem cutting in water until roots appeared! Water need to be changed daily for better results.

How to root mint in water

Cut a mint stem and stick it in water until many roots appeared like this! Worked for many plants!

How to root mint and other herbs

Mint or other herbs – The more roots mass the better the plant grew after its planted!

Basil rooting

Worked for basil too!

Bury the roots in soil until more young leaves appeared.

How to grow mint from cutting

Plant mint cutting in soil when many roots appeared in water

To allow the newly propagated mint plant to thrive, cut away the older stem at the top of the plant.

How to renew mint plant from propagation

Mint Propagation -New young leaves will grow after the older stem is cut

How to grow young mint plant

This is how we re-new an old woody mint into new mint plant, as more young leaves grew.

How to grow mint from cuttings

Thriving mint plant from propagating

One year on, our mint plant is still thriving. Their scent is heavenly, grown in own made compost, and zero commercial fertilizers and pesticide. Visitors are often offered cutting from this plant. Herbs are best harvested often to keep them young.

Propagate mint from cutting

November 03 2016 – Mint update

Woody stems mean the plants have gotten old. The fragrance and taste of its leaves will wane as the plant aged.

How to grow mint from propagation

Harvest often to grow young leaves, else it will get old like this plant! Then we have to propagate these woody stems again (Watch the video!)

In the following video, our green pot’s mint plant had grown old, BUT  we can renew the plant by propagating the stems!  🙂

Summer will show how to do this –


See how simple it is to propagate an old mint plant? There is no need to add commercial fertilizer to renew our herbs at home.

How to propagate mint plant

The almost dead plant in our video returned to health after pruning and repotting! (July 2016)

My daughter harvests home grown mint straight from our plants for tea whenever there are tons of homework from school. 🙂

Our mint plants are grown without commercial fertilizer and pesticide, and they taste and smell amazing.

How to brew home grown fresh mint for tea

A cup of home grown mint tea while studying

Member Jason Ng shared his recipe for a chill out any time mojito , a non alcoholic option is available.

Recipe for mint mojito

Jan 12 2016 – Mojito has become my all time favorite drink after gardening in the sun !

Jason Ng’s recipe for Non alcoholic Mojito :

1.Mint leaves (muddle in the cup with little sprite 1st, leave it for 5mins)
2. Big lime
3. Lemon grass ( use the stalk, smashed to release fragrance)
4. Sprite (softdrink)
5. Sugar (optional)
6. Vodka (Optional)
7. Add ice

Thank you, Jason!!!!

3 thoughts on “How to Propagate Mint Plant

  1. Hi, ive bought mint plant at least 3 times. All died 🙁 i read online that they dont need sunlight and to be watered twice daily. Am i doing it right?

    • After bringing plants home from stores, its best to check the soil its grown in. Are the soil pests free? Is the soil already wet? Mint thrive better in sun and generally love moisture, but not one rule fit all growing environment. Next time, you might want to consider propagating mint from stem cutting instead, I think if you prepare the soil yourself by buying good organic soil/compost from the start, it will grow better. Also, do remember to harvest often, to encourage new shoots, else it turned woody and die fast too.

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