Wild Woodlands Strawberries

Our wild strawberries’ journey began on September 1 2015 after freezing some seeds.

Germinated wild woodlands strawberries

Sept 7 2015 – Wild Woodlands strawberry seeds germinated (6 days)

My variety was “Fragaria Vesca” or Woodlands Strawberries. These seeds did not have good germination rate. Out of 30 seeds, only 5 germinated ๐Ÿ™

Growing wild woodlands strawberries from seeds

Only 5 out of 30 seeds of the Wild Woodlands variety germinated

Growing Wild Woodlands strawberries in Singapore

Oct 20 2015 – Wild Woodlands strawberries (bigger plant) vs. White Soul strawberries (smaller). Both were 50 days old .

Fragaria Vesca from seeds

Nov 2015 – Wild Woodlands strawberry was 3 months old. A much bigger plant than white strawberries.

Wild Strawberry would be the most challenging variety to grow in Singapore, because it is a cool season plant. ย This mean it sleeps during summer and grows in spring and fall !!! ๐Ÿ™‚

I will have to be very creative in adapting this variety to our climate.

Grow Wild Woodlands strawberries outdoors Singapore

Dec 2015 – Test growing Wild Woodlands strawberries in outdoors garden

Growing wild woodlands strawberries

Strawberry care for outdoor pots: Mulched to cover top soil from overheating and iced often

Finally understood why my plants keep disappearing!!!

Why my wild woodlands strawberries disappeared without a trace

January 5 2016 – Snails not SG weather is the biggest threat to my outdoors strawberries!

Wild Woodlands strawberry eaten by snail

Jan 7 2016 – Last Wild Woodlands strawberry plant became snail’s poo! Have to start all over again ๐Ÿ™

Facts about Wild Woodlands Strawberries : –

The matured plants are 6 to 12 inches tall and reproduce by stolons (above ground runners) and it needs space to run!


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